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(3/26/2022) Changing the site's name to Neochan. The site url will stay the same.

(3/24/2022) Real sad news for Heyurians, kuz is planning to flood with Vidlii users, which is a big no-no to rule 8. If this happens, Heyuri will be flooded with tons of 12-17 year olds who have never heard of what a "waha" or "1000 GET" in their life is, filling the whole "2000's"-esque style of heyuri with a bunch of normie quandale dingle haha funni tiktok memes and other horrible stuff. Read more information over at the post Kuz did at

(3/24/2022) lies the birth of CheckOff @, a project where people can post stuff and AA art. This site is still in heavy construction.