Rules Page

1. Do not do anything that is against neocities' rules or even illegal. Neochan is not about saying anything like that.

2. Do not spam the boards.

3. Don't post anything that isn't meant in a board (for example, saying something about anime in aa.)

4. Do not post any dangerous files (4tb computer bombs, malaware, spyware, whateverware, etc.)

5. Thou shall not post adult content.

5. Posts containing mentions of current news or of political nature are allowed, but remember to not to go too overboard.

6. Do not self advertise on the boards.

7.. This isn't really a rule, but don't mind the japanese ads. If you cant read japanese use your browsers' built in translator (don't use it on the AA Lounge, it'll make the ascii's look messed up). The site uses a rentalbbs system.

Purpose of the Boards

Post whatever in Off-Topic, but rules above still apply.

AA Lounge is where you can post japanese ASCII Art, or Shift-JIS Art.

Japan is where you can post stuff related to Japan, like Anime, Manga, Food, Politics, etc.